Episode 14 – Alan S. Charles, Author and Speaker

Alan S. Charles - Rise2Recovery


In 1983, the pain of Alan Charles’ dysfunctional upbringing caught up with him. Seeking relief from his lifelong feelings of anxiety and loneliness, he became addicted to cocaine, which ultimately caused him to lose it all including every relationship he ever had. Over a period of 24 years, Alan struggled with his addiction eventually believing that this is more than likely how he would die.  In and out of rehab and countless meetings at Cocaine Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous it wasn’t until 2007 that Alan finally hit bottom.  Deciding once and for all to battle his inner demons, Alan was determined to become sober and change his life.  As of December 8, 2007, Alan got clean and remains sober to this day. With a combination of CA and AA, an amazing therapist and friends who believe in him, Alan is happier than he has ever been.  Today, he is the doting father of two daughters as he takes life one day at a time. You can learn more about Alan and his story by viewing his website.




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