Episode 2 – Justin Phillips’ addiction-recovery story

Our guest for Episode 2 is Justin Phillips. Justin is a mother of three children, two boys and a girl. She lost one of her sons, Aaron age 20,  due to an overdose of heroin in October 2013.

Justin has spent her career in the nonprofit and public sector educating parents and caregivers on the prevention of childhood injuries. In her personal life she has involved herself with the important cause of alcohol and drug recovery. Despite her best efforts, she could not help Aaron win his fight or beat the powerful drug heroin.

Justin believes in advocacy and grassroots efforts to make impact in the community. Following the death of Aaron, Aaron’s friend Jake, and countless other lives from heroin and other drugs, Justin has decided to dedicate her life in their memory.

Justin provides her expertise, her passion, and her experience through Overdose Lifeline, Inc., a non profit created to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma of drug addiction. Overdose Lifeline, Inc. is a place for hope.


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