Episode 8 – Justin Luke Riley, President and CEO of Young People in Recovery

Justin Luke Riley is 28 years old, and has been in long term recovery since 2007. He is President & CEO of Young People in Recovery (YPR), and a founding member. Justin has done organizational development consulting for different industries. He was a Youth & Community Engagement Pastor as well as a private Life Coach. He graduated cum laude from the University Colorado at Denver in the University’s Honors & Leadership Program in 2013, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Mediation, and Public Relations. He is currently completing his Executive MBA from the University of Colorado. As a natural leader and gifted public speaker, Justin has been featured in many media outlets for for his involvement in youth leadership and community engagement. Justin is a prolific leader in recovery, served on the Executive Board of multiple nonprofit enterprises. Justin also serves in many other service-oriented capacities. We were thrilled to have Justin on our podcast to hear his story and a number of the exciting initiatives YPR is currently involved in!


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